On 14 July 2009, Singapore Exchange Limited (SGX) introduced a new research scheme, SGX Equity Research Insights (SERI), to better address the needs of its listed companies and their investors.

SERI adopts a customised approach to cater to different segments of listed companies, taking into account market feedback. The Scheme currently comprise two modules - Structured Module and Sector Module with 45 and 4 participating companies respectively. Click here to view a list of the participating companies.

The Structured Module is developed with the primary purpose of providing investors with requisite information on companies in research reports with a standardised format. These reports contain analysis and views on company fundamentals including industry prospects, its business and management, performance, earnings outlook and competitive landscape. Standard & Poor's LLC, a recognised name in providing research analysis, has been appointed to commence this module. The research reports do not feature any investment ratings. The Structured Module is open to participation by all SGX-listed companies.

The Sector Module provides fully-rated research reports to meet the needs of investors in sectors where specialised industry knowledge is critical in the analysis of the companies. SGX identified Energy, Offshore and Marine as the sectors to initiate this module. DnB Nor Markets, the investment banking arm of Norway's largest financial services group, has been appointed for this module given its research capabilities in these sectors.

Under the scheme, each participating company will be covered regularly by the research firm for a period of 2 years and research reports generated will be available free of charge on this website. As of June 30, 2013, SERI scheme formally ended. Companies still on the scheme will be covered until the expiry of their contract. SGX is now reviewing all options to enhance the level and type of research coverage for its listed companies.

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Combine Will Intl Hldgs Ltd Combine Will 4Q13 07 Mar 2014 Standard & Poor's Combine Will 4Q13
China Aviation Oil (S) Corp Ltd CAO 4Q13 04 Mar 2014 Standard & Poor's CAO 4Q13
Petra Foods Limited Petra Foods 2013 03 Mar 2014 Standard & Poor's Petra Foods 2013
Sarin Technologies Ltd Sarine 2013 28 Feb 2014 Standard & Poor's Sarine 2013
IFS Capital Limited IFS Capital 2013 results 28 Feb 2014 Standard & Poor's IFS Capital 2013 results
BRC Asia Limited BRC Asia 1QFY14 24 Feb 2014 Standard & Poor's BRC Asia 1QFY14
HIAP TONG CORPORATION LTD Hiap Tong tearsheet 140220 20 Feb 2014 Standard & Poor's Hiap Tong tearsheet 140220
Boustead Singapore Limited Boustead 9MFY14 17 Feb 2014 Standard & Poor's Boustead 9MFY14
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